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Summer of Love

Remember the summer of love the Lefties in the media constantly defended?

Time and again we were hammered with slogans and defense of American cities burning. After 2 years of it people are fed up and formed a freedom convoy thanks to the near dictatorial mandates in many countries. It manifested in Canada and it is starting to spread to other countries now that people are starting to stand up. Now you have nut balls on twitter demanding all sorts of insane things done to these truckers. Just remember what they put you thru and throw those talking points back at them.

"Fiery but mostly peaceful"

"It is mostly a protest, it is not generally unruly"

"They are principled freedom fighters, its in the name, they have taken a principled stance for freedom"

"Are punches are not equal morally"

"It says it in the name, “freedom convoy”

"Any reasonable person would say we shouldn’t be doing this but these are not reasonable times."

"Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful?"

"People will do what they do"

"Don’t think this is something that has not never happened before, this is how this country was founded"

"People get man, people get sick of all of it"

"People are risking Covid to try to explain it to the country they are fed up."

"Most of the major movements in American history started at the grass roots level and at some point have escalated into armed conflict with the American government"

"Remember your history before you just the present"

"Thank goodness for the looters"

Don't let them change the rules now that you have them on the run. They want to play this game, lets play.

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